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Our Wedding Menus – Everything You Need to Know

22 Jun 2022

If you’re looking for a rundown of our wedding menus, you’re in the right place. The PLB Group (our parent company) are a family run company who are always savouring that perfect last bite. Hence the company name – PLB! Before the wedding venues became the primary focus, the team created several successful restaurants. From…

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Learn More About Ancora

26 Apr 2022

If you’re wanting to learn more about Ancora, you are in the right place! There’s so much to consider when selecting the venue for your dream day – the location, the surroundings, the capacity, the menu and the aesthetics just to name a few. So here’s a snapshot of our venue and why we think…

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The 8 Best Wedding Ceremony Spots Near Ancora

19 Jan 2022

So you’ve found your dream wedding reception venue, but now you’re looking for that perfect location where you and your lover will say “I do!” We’re lucky to have a heap of wedding ceremony spots no further than a short drive away from us. From a riverside chapel, to natural parklands, to beachfront cliffs and…

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The Perfect Destination Wedding Venue

13 Oct 2021

Our lives are pretty much back to the new normal sanitiser still a thing, always making sure you have a mask stashed in the car and still a fair amount of caution around planning any travel. But if you’re recently engaged and always dreamt of having a destination wedding, don’t despair – here’s how to…

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7 Reasons to Book our Waterfront Venue

13 Aug 2021

Wedding venue selection, a major decision in your wedding planning journey. The venue sets the tone for your entire wedding and is the decision with the highest investment attached to it. So it’s important to get it right, and we think our waterfront venue is just that. There are so many different Tweed and Gold…

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Friends of Ancora

4 Aug 2021

Introducing, the Friends of Ancora. We love being able to collaborate with like minded brands, local artisans, quality producers and creative small businesses. It’s so special for us to be part of not just the wedding industry but the local small business scene from around the Tweed, Byron and Gold Coast regions. So we wanted…

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Wedding COVID Restrictions, Your Q’S Answered

21 Jul 2021

What are the wedding COVID restrictions in NSW right now? Wedding planning can be stressful at the best of times. Never more than recent times. But, we’ve got your back! We’re here to make things as easy and as flexible as possible to allow you and your loved ones to still have that celebration of…

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Winter Open Day ~ 2021

20 Jul 2021

The sun was shining for our 2021 Winter Open Day, and what an incredible day it was! After so much uncertainty for couples wanting to get married, it was a joy to see so many gorgeous couples enjoying the opportunity visualise and plan their day. Open day guests were treated to complimentary welcome cocktails from…

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Mexico has hit the Mediterranean!

9 Jun 2021

Traditionally Ancora has been inspired by Mediterranean flavours and Greek style shared feasting, but Mexico is coming to our waterside wedding haven. Introducing our Mexican wedding menu – SALUD!!! Over the past few years, we’ve always received such incredible feedback on our menu (in particular the Greek flavours and our signature slow cooked lamb.) With…

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The Most Beautiful Accommodation Near Ancora

18 May 2021

Being located on the east coast and a holiday destination, we are so lucky to have a plethora of accommodation near Ancora. From resorts and boutique hotels. To perfectly styled holiday homes and Airbnb rentals. Here’s our favourite (and in our opinion the most beautiful) Tweed Coast and Gold Coast accommodation options for couples getting…

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Beach Club Wedding Vibes

14 Oct 2020

2020 has been… well, you know! But we are optimists here at Ancora, we’re keen to look at the positives coming out of this year ~ people getting back to nature, exploring their own backyard, spending more time connecting with their families, supporting small businesses, enjoying the simple pleasures and a free beach club wedding…

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Weddings are back!

5 Jun 2020

Weddings are back at Ancora and we couldn’t be happier! While guest numbers are still capped to fit within Government restrictions we are so excited to welcome couples and their loved ones through our doors once again. Planning a wedding 12 – 18 months in advance is generally the norm, but for those who just…

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Good news!

14 Apr 2020

During such an unprecedented, uncertain and scary time in our community, it has completely warmed our hearts to feel so much love from our couples. While so many of our couples have had to change their wedding plans and are angered and frustrated in having to do so, the sentiment towards our staff has been…

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We’re making it easier for you to love us from afar

14 Apr 2020

Times have mostly certainly changed, and while we’re all adapting to this new way of life in our own way, suffice to say for the next little while things will continue to be a little bit trickier then they were BC (before coronavirus) But, like the incredible weddings we are so lucky to host, we…

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How to save thousands on your wedding

12 Feb 2020

Planning a wedding 12 – 18 months in advance is generally the norm. But for those who just can’t wait that long, there are serious benefits to planning a short lead time wedding. In current times, a quickie wedding is especially appealing with plenty of great dates available across the winter months. This is not…

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